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Asian Bird Photographers

Taiwanese photographers, trying to get images of the first Red-breasted Flycatcher in the country. Yehliu. October 2013.
Thai photographers, in Doi Lang, waiting for Golden Bush-Robin. December 2013.
Thai photographers, in Doi Lang, waiting for Golden Bush-Robin. December 2013.
Doi Lang, some kilometers dawn, an Ultramarine Flycatcher was atracted all this people in less that ten minutes.
Waiting for migrant Sakhalin Leaf Warbler, in Yehliu, Taiwan.
Singapore photographers, taking photos of Siberian Thrush in a gruiting tree. Bukit Timah (Singapore) December 2010.
...Suddenly, three Jambu fruit Dove has been appear in a corner of the tree.
Again in Taiwan, Taroko reserve is always crowded of Phaisant lovers.
Yehliu...alway there is anybody with swarms in their pocket.
A man searching Red-breasted Flycatcher (see left), in fact, this time is a much commoner Taiga Flycatcher.
Virtually, sometime is impossible to follow a path without feeling some disturbance, but people are cooperative, and sometimes give pass as a cross light.
...traffic jam sometimes give a different way, depending were the birds are.
Local but not photographers people are often atracted too.
An Elegant Bunting in visible in the path...
First Pallas's Rosefinch in Taiwan...
Sakhalin Leaf Warbler atracts more and more people.
First chinesse Thrush in Taiwan!
Finally, if what you want is solitude in the midst of nature, try Taman Negara, Malaysia, in December... you'll be surrounded by many birds, but bear in mind that you always you  end up soaking wet in the middle of the hard rainy season.