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"La Dame Blanche": A Tale of Snowy Owl

From  12th  January  2014, the southernmost snowy owl seen in France had been seen discontinuously in Ile de Ré, Charante-Maritime. Many birders from all over France had come to try their luck with the owl. Of course, it was the first regional and the news had spread fast in internet. But on Saturday did not appear anywhere, although there were groups of birders like these, scoring the most favorable parts of the Island.
Very early in the morning, suddenly a white figure caught our attention and our telescopes quickly led to what for us was definitely the snowy owl ... but seconds later, although there was little light, we realized that it was a joke, because it was a model, usual thing in France! especially, as french birders commented, on the island of Ouessant.
But what does it matter? the isle is full of interesting things, and between rain and rain, good colors appear in the sky, as nice background to observe groups Brent Goose Branta bernicla bernicla.
At noon, a group of French friends who had already left the island and was two hours drive made us a phone call: it was  relocated! Julien Gernigon , who shortly before were talking with us in Phare des Baleines, had found the owl again, and this time it was the real one.
Few animals epitomize the arctic rigor as the Snowy Owl Bubo scandiacus.
The strong barred of back are diagnostic of a females first winter.
...and also extending its wings.
Most of the day, it rest. At 5-6 pm starts activity. The white patch on the ground are a carcass of a Shelduck. The bird tried also to prey a partridge when the day fell.
Finally, birders were well happy to see this spectacular Owl, in total more than 100 people throughout the day, all thanks to good search of Julien Gernigon.